Create a future that you want.

Who am I? What are my values?

Some people make decisions as individuals based on their values.

If you find that values are important to you when you choose who you work with I can assure you that I practice adhering to my values.

They are directed towards a specific purpose that I hope sit well with you.
Graeme Thorpe
GT Coaching

GT Coaching Values

Honesty and Authenticity

To be recognised as someone of integrity who inspires trust. Being authentic with others during coaching in order to help them understand their experience.

Creativity, Vision and Drive

To view things from different perspectives, create opportunities, and discover new ways of generating solutions that will turn ideas into reality.


To focus on the process that delivers high performance for individuals and teams through continuous improvement linked to ways of being.

Ownership and People Development

To take responsibility for my own actions and interactions, being able to use my initiative to be decisive, including solving problems. To continually learn and evolve, and to encourage and support that in other people..

Collaboration and Diversity

To build excellent relationships and network with others that add value through partnership and collaboration. To recognise and respect that people can have a different set of values, practices, traditions, or beliefs due to age, race or ethnicity, religion, or gender.

Community Impact

To have a positive impact on the health & wellbeing of people in local communities.