How do you plan on creating your day today?

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One thing for certain, unless you believe in time travel, we only get one opportunity to live each day of our lives. Yes, we can reflect on days gone but that is while we are living the current day we are experiencing. With this in mind:

  • Do you ever think about the day you are going to have before it happens?
  • How do you imagine it will be? Does it turn out that way?
  • What if you could create the day you want?

Now that isn’t to say that everything will go to plan and that you are in control of everything that happens but perhaps you can create it in such a way that you control your choices.

You may or may not believe that you are cause in the matter of your life, which doesn’t mean you are at fault or need to judge yourself or indeed feel judged my others. Whether or not you do believe, consider that it is possible that the actions you take affect what happens. 

If you move to a state of being where you acknowledge this, then it is possible to start creating your day the way you want it to happen through carefully considered choices both prior to the day starting, and during it.


To consider how you are going to create your day and how you will control your choices throughout the day.


Give no consideration to the day you are going to have and allow the day to be in control, which is still you making the choices, right!?

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