What is your priority today?


If you would like to explore how you prioritise you may find the following questions useful:

  • Do you have a clear idea of your goals for every day, no matter how big or small?
  • Do you choose intentionally how you execute them?

Perhaps it is useful to consider whether you drive your day or if it drives you.

If you haven’t prioritised your to-do list for the day, it might be beneficial to consider what you would prefer to prioritise.

If you’ve prioritised your day’s focus, it could be beneficial to reflect on how you chose what to focus on and how you allocated your preferences for priority.

You may find it valuable to connect your priorities to the purpose and objectives you have created.


To consider if you want to prioritise what you do each day and, if so, how you prioritise your day.


Change nothing if this is something you already do or not interested in.

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