Who do you think is responsible for your learning?

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What is wrong with the education system?

Why doesn’t it work?

If only the teacher had done this!

While there may be issues to address within the education system and how teachers deliver education in various settings, I would like you to consider who is likely to be most interested in how much you learn?

  • Teacher / Lecturer
  • School / College / University
  • Friends
  • Family
  • You!

Now consider, who you think benefits the most when you learn new things?

There is no right or wrong answer to the questions I pose. The answers will be based somewhat on your experiences and how you think, which is fine.

To clarify, I believe there is difference between someone being a student and becoming a learner.  Students enrol on courses and may or may not become a learner, whereas learners can be people who look for opportunities to learn whether they are studying at an educational establishment, or not.

Some people look purely to external sources to teach them, while others look internally to learn, choosing carefully how they use external sources.

Learning is a choice!


Whether you are a student or not you have two options when it comes to learning:

  • Option 1 – Give power to others to determine how much you learn
  • Option 2 – Empower yourself to learn

Which will you choose?

How will you create your learning?

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