Who do you think has the answers?

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How often do you find yourself looking for answers to various challenges you have in life? It could be obstacles you face in education, work and sport or another part of your life, but I ask you to consider where you look for the answers.

Suppose the two places you can look are:

  • External
  • Internal

Consider the following:

  • Where do you tend to explore first?
  • Do you look to evolve based on findings in just one place?
  • Do you delve into both external and internal sources?

It can be interesting where you go to find answers and increasing your awareness may help you to choose between future choices you make.


After giving some thought to your preferences I ask you to consider changing or not changing.  These are your two options.

If you feel where you are looking for answers is perfect then I guess your outcome will be no change but if you are having many challenges that you have not yet overcome, then I ask you to consider changing how you discover solutions.

Whether this means looking more internally or externally depends on YOU.

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