Are you prepared to be brutally honest with yourself?

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People often talk about being honest with others, but have you ever considered how honest you are with yourself?

It may be worth considering the difficulty of the challenge of being honest with others if you are not honest with yourself first.

There are many places to look at our own honesty and a nice area to start with could be personal values:

  • Do your personal values reflect you or what you think society thinks you should value?
  • Do you understand your true personal values and are you honest about them to yourself?

Other questions to consider could be in the area of performance:

  • Have you put the work in required to get the results you desire?
  • Have you ever got in your own way?
  • Have you ever blamed others when perhaps it was down to you?

These are just some questions to consider.  I am sure there are others you can come up with to explore your own honesty.  You may find the following useful when exploring your self-honesty:

  • Complete a critical self-reflection
  • Get feedback from others confirming how you show up to them
  • Take a non-judgemental approach to where you are at now, allowing you to evolve

Exploring and practicing being honest with yourself can provide a platform for great things.


To explore being honesty with yourself and make a commitment to practice self-honesty.


Change nothing which may be because you are already exploring and practicing self-honesty, or you choose not to explore and practice self-honesty.

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