Do you know what you want to achieve today?

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There may be some benefit to asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a plan ready for when you wake up?
  • If no, do you have any thoughts on how you are going to approach your day?
  • If yes, what does the plan look like? How will you ensure you implement it?
  • What are the benefits of knowing what you want to achieve?

How you approach each day is up to you, for you are the maker of your own destiny, but consider how little can change without a plan. If you have no plan, you are likely to experience very few, if any, changes, but with a plan, there is a greater chance of change happening.

If you choose to create a plan, then whether you manage to rewrite your future depends on how your plan is created. This may be something you wish to explore, but for now, the focus is on knowing what you want to achieve on any given day.

Some people have a clear vision in their head, others write things down, and some have to-do lists saved in electronic format such as a computer, mobile, tablet, etc.

Perhaps, give some consideration to what you want, then what you do daily to achieve it, and whether it would be beneficial to make some changes.


To explore what changes you could make so you are clearly focused daily on what you want to change.


Change nothing, which may be because you don’t want to, either through choice or because you feel you are already doing sufficient to achieve daily.

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