How often do you change your target?

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When you wake up each day you may or may not have a plan for how you are going to approach your day.  However, whether intentionally or unintentionally you will focus on various targets throughout the day.

You may get distracted from one target and place your focus on another for various reasons.  Being aware of switching targets can be useful if you want to be more intentional about what you do in relation to targets.

Consider the following:

  • Do you start the day with a specific target(s) in mind?
  • Do you recognise when you get distracted from your target(s)?
  • How quickly do you recognise when you get distracted?
  • Do you place your attention back on your original target(s) or focus on your new target(s)?

I particularly enjoy talking with sports people about how they change their target numerous times within seconds of trying to achieve a certain outcome.  Now, if this is done intentionally, it is fine, it is their choice, but it is surprising how many people don’t experience changing their target.  The same experiences in sports can happen in other parts of life.

Another area I enjoy exploring is how often people change their targets during conversations and one you may enjoy exploring as well.


To explore your relationship with targets and become more aware where you place your attention


Change nothing which may be because you are already aware, or you choose not explore your relationship with targets.

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