What are you doing to make your wishes happen?

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What are your wishes that are not coming true yet?

The wishes that you may feel awkward telling people about because you may think they can’t be achieved.

Consider whether you think you can achieve something or not, as not necessarily being linked to you achieving something. It can help but may not be required for some people.

Suppose the first part of making something happen is being committed rather than having self-belief.

  • What are you committed to?
  • How are you showing that you are committed to it?
  • What actions are you taking?

If you are a little unsure about the above 3 questions or are unable to answer them, consider that the first step towards showing commitment to your wishes has not been made, and without this you are not being productive towards making your wishes happen.

If you have answered them and you believe you are showing up with full commitment but your wishes are still not happening, consider the following:

  • Not every wish does come true (It doesn’t look like I will get an England football cap, open the bat for England at cricket or sink a putt to win the Ryder Cup for Team Europe)
  • Change the wish slightly (Based on the examples above, am I doing everything I can to play to my full potential at football, cricket and golf?)
  • Rather than focusing on the result consider looking at behavioural goals and assess them? For example, what are you focused on when you say you are showing commitment? Could you benefit from changing your focus?

I would also ask you to consider after going through this process to ask yourself if you are being honest with what your wishes are and the actions you are taking to make them happen.


Give some thought to whether you need to look at what your wishes are or not.

If you don’t, cool.

If you do, consider the following:

  • Write down what you really want to happen that isn’t already
  • Write down what actions you are going to complete to make your wishes happen
  • Start working on those actions

There may be other ways to make your wishes happen but this can get things started on those dreams that you have, and may just work.

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