What labels do you intend to remove?

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Have you ever thought about what labels apply to you?

Perhaps give some thought to this now.

People tend to apply labels to themselves and others such as “right”, “wrong”, “success”, “failure”, “lucky”, “unlucky”, “fortunate” and “unfortunate”.

Consider the following:

  • Who gave you that label?
  • Do you believe in the label?
  • Is it a useful label?

I anticipate that you can identify labels that you would like to remove already.  Those that are negative, right? You may not, as you may be attached to them. I don’t know.

Some labels are kinder than others but consider that all labels may be self-limiting and prevent people from creating something different.

Think about the difference between:

  • I am ……
  • I’m being ……

An example might be if you are angry. Do you consider yourself as “I am angry” or “I’m being angry”?

Another example might be in you are failing at something.  Do you consider yourself “I am a failure” or “I’m failing at this” (I’m being a failure in this moment now)?


Give some thought to the labels attached to you, whether they are from others or yourself.

  • Perhaps even write them down if it helps
  • Do you see these labels as a benefit?
  • You may see them as being negative and holding you back
  • Are any of these labels what you want?
  • Do you need to have labels whether they are positive or negative?

You have a choice to accept labels as who you are (I am ….) or you may choose they are who you are being (I’m being ….) at any given time.

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